In 2017, a pair of proud Celebrate UCI traditions will no longer be offered at the University of California, Irvine...


Since nearly the founding of the UCI campus, Wayzgoose had been an annual faire occurring in Aldrich Park. It was UCI's oldest tradition and originally began as a boisterous medieval faire produced by Student Government annually in the spring.

Although the medieval theme gradually waned over the years, Wayzgoose had always been known for its rows of food, game, and information booths twisting around the winding paths and grassy knoll areas of the park. Throngs of students and campus visitors, including prospective students and their families, would enjoy a rich variety of stage performances and have the opportunity to learn more about campus life.

UCI would like to express gratitude and appreciation to all the Wayzgoose participants, supporters, and fairgoers throughout the years who contributed to the success of the event, and we hope that everyone will continue to enjoy the wide variety of programs and activities still offered at the UCI campus.

Car Show

For decades, UCI's Car Show attracted car and motor enthusiasts from all over Southern California. Scores of classic, rare, and otherwise impressive vehicles would be placed on display by proud owners who would share their knowledge and interest with members of the UCI community and the general public.

The rich, green grass of Aldrich Park brightly showcased the colors and shiny surfaces of pure automotive art and engineering. This popular event was a favorite annual pilgrimmage for both returning exhibitors and automotive fans.

UCI would like to thank the many exhibitors who rolled on to campus with their amazing dream machines, and we would like to express tremendous thanks to UCI PD and our very own UCI Car Show coordinator Steve M. (now retired), who brought so much community involvement and public awareness to the UCI Campus.

Thank you all for helping us have such great car shows throughout the years!